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Implant Restorations


Biohorizons Cad/Cam Titanium And

Gold Hue Custom Abutment And Crown

Price includes custom abutment, crown, abutment

seating index, and soft tissue model, and final screw

Titanium Abutment w/ Zirconia Full Contour HT

NEW! Titanium Abutment w/ e.Max ZirCAD

Titanium Abutment w/ PFM

Titanium Abutment w/ PFM Semi-Precious

Gold Hue Abutment w/ IPS e.Max Monolithic

Gold Hue Abutment w/ Layered Zirconia

NEW! Gold Hue Abutment w/ e.Max ZirCAD

Gold Hue Abutment w/ Full Contour Zirconia HT


Biohorizons Cad/Cam Custom Zirconia

Abutment And Crown

Price includes crown, soft tissue model, articulator, and

final abutment screw.

Zirconia Abutment w/ Layered Zirconia

Zirconia Abutment w/ Layered IPS e.Max

Zirconia Abutment w/ Monolithic IPS e.Max

NEW! Zirconia Abutment w/ e.Max ZirCAD


Biohorizons Screw-Retained Crowns

Price includes crown, soft tissue model, and final screw.

NEW! Screw-Retained Zirconia HT w/Dr.’s Stock Abut

Screw-Retained Zirconia HT w/Stock Abutment

Screw-Retained Zirconia HT w/Custom Abutment

Screw-Retained IPS e.Max w/Custom Abutment

PFM Semi-Precious Screw Retained*

PFG with 40% au, 75% au, or 89% au*

* Dr. provides UCLA abutment for PFM & PFG ONLY. 


Crowns Over Biohorizons

Stock Abutment

Price includes crown, abutment seating index,

and soft tissue model.

Full Contour Zirconia Multi-Layered HT

NEW! e.Max ZirCAD

IPS™ e.Max Monolithic

IPS™ e.Max Layered

Zirconia Layered

PFM Non-Precious Implant Crown

PFM Semi-Precious Implant Crown**

PFG with 40% au, 75% au, or 89% au

**Flat rate price for PFM semi-precious implant crown is up to 3

grams of alloy. Additional alloy will be applied after the 3rd gram.


Provisional Restorations

Price includes crown, temporary abutment, and screw.

Screw-Retained PMMA

Screw-Retained Hybrid Composite/Porcelain

Screw-Retained Composite


Digital Impression

Implant Model

Price includes milled model and analog.

Cerec Milled Models

iTero Milled Model

Trios Milled Model

Carestream Milled Model

3M True Definition Milled Model


Other Services

Screw-Mentable (Cement Crown To Abutment)

Abutment Seating Index

Abutment Modification/Preparation

Surgical Guide (Fully Guided)

   -Additional Implant Site


























































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