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Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, IPS e.max is the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and durability offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technique.

Given its versatility, its clinical long-term success and its wide range of indications, the IPS e.max® System is the most successful and most used all-ceramic system throughout the world.


It consists of a reliable lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (IPS e.max Press and CAD), an innovative zirconium oxide ceramic (IPS e.max ZirCAD) and a coordinated veneering ceramic (IPS e.max Ceram). The press-on ceramic IPS e.max ZirPress supplements the versatile system.

With the highly esthetic high-strength IPS e.max materials, all indications for fixed restorations, ranging from thin veneers to multi-unit bridges, can be realized. Hybrid restorations are also possible.

The coordinated shade concept within the system and the individual products enable flexible working procedures from the shade determination up to the material selection.


The ideal restoration shade is optimally reproduced by means of the IPS e.max Shade Navigation App. It facilitates the material selection, leads to results that feature optimum shade match and thus provides efficiency and reliability.


IPS e.max is the comprehensive high-quality all-ceramic system for all indications, esthetic requirements and patient cases:

it is all ceramic – all you need.

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